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Project Description

The kids love coloring these days! And by kids, we mean adults. We worked with Praytell on this unique campaign for Barnes & Noble. Users take pictures of postcards and tweet them to specific hashtags, and we pull them in and assembled them into a full mosaic image! More info about the program: “The Barnes & Noble All-American Art Unwind is an opportunity for customers to Connect, Create, Color and unleash their inner artist! On November 14, from 12 Noon until 5 pm, all Barnes & Noble stores nationwide will feature three fun coloring activities. They include personalizing with color a selection of Hallmark greeting cards and envelopes so attendees can connect with others, creating a national digital art mosaic and coloring by experimenting with different illustration styles and artist supplies.”

Project Details

Client: Barnes & Noble

Tags: Mobile Sites, Social Media, Web Applications, Web Sites

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