Case Study: PeerAspect


A Startup With Ideas & Design

in need of implementation


Two industry players had an idea for moving a document review process that has almost entirely taken place in spreadsheets and pen-and-paper for years, and bring that process online
They hired a designer colleague to sketch out and design the early prototype of the system
The designs were presented to us to review and provide a recommendation on how to build a prototype
We determined which platform would be the best fit for the prototype but also have the flexibility and scalability bonus to launch the first version of the product on


Our first step was to pull apart the design files provided and put them back together with a robust backend
A fairly complex data model was designed to track all of the document review interactions, user profiles, and review history
The front-end design lent itself well to the idea of AJAX functionality where only certain parts of a page would update at a time, rather than fully reloading on each step of the process
We made server recommendations and quickly setup and configured the environments where the site would live and planned for future traffic increases and multiple environments for Live and Staging sites
After finishing the design integration and application development, we launched the prototype


The prototype helped PeerAspect land several Fortune 500 clients who have become users of newer iterations of the product
The direction and goals of the company continue to change and we’re adapting along with them
The initial prototype functionality has been changed dramatically and an entirely new system of document review is already in place, being utilized by the new client acquisitions
We’re supporting the Production product while releasing enhancements and fixes to a Staging environment before they’re approved and pushed live

What Was Needed

Platform Recommendation
Backend Integration
Front-End Design
New Feature Implementation
Ongoing Support

What Was Done

Our Approach

An assessment of the current situation, initial recommendations, a plan of action, and constant, thorough communication

We’ve been using Kindred for about a year and a half, and Andy and his team are absolutely great to work with.

First and foremost, they really know their stuff. No matter how challenging our requests, they always seem to be able to get them done (and done on time). Because of the diversity of their expertise, even rough ideas we ask them to implement come back working and looking great.

They’re also really good at communicating — on the rare occasions we’ve disagreed, an open and frank conversation was all it took to get us back on the same page.

I would enthusiastically recommend Kindred Development to anyone needing great web developers.

— Scott Kaufman, PeerAspect —

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